ABOUT DUFOUR 500 GRAND LARGE Bareboat Sailing Yacht Charter Boat:

The Dufour 500 Grand large sailing boat for yacht charter is considered to be the "little sister" of the Grand Large 525 and with full right so. This boat is a modern luxury cruiser, with sleek lines, a strong and appealing design characteristics and lovely sailing performance too.

''The Dufour Grand Large or Blue Water cruising boats for yacht charter are lovely, comfortable offshore cruisers. They have more freeboard and higher cabin profile offering more space, comfort and pleasure. At the same time this range looks good, is well designed and most of all, due to the use of advanced moulding techniques, new concept and new ideas, they also sail well as any Dufour boat should.''

Dufour 500 Grand Large - Yacht charter on Dufour 485 is currently available for bareboat or skippered charter in most of the Mediterranean locations as well as in the Caribbean. For full spec and quotes on individual yachts in your preferred location in the Med or Caribbean please fill in the quick quote REQUEST now !
More about Dufour 500 Grand Large:

The usual layout of this yachtcharter boat is with 4 double en suite cabins. Only a Sun Odyssey 49 and 49i have similar layouts which makes them perfect yachts for extended families or 3 or 4 couples. The model with 3 en suite cabin is also available making this boat one of the best choices for a skipper with a hands on approach, even if sailing short handed.

The Hull

The unique sandwich design of the hull makes for a great thermal and acoustic insulation. The lamination of the network of ribs reinforces the hull's solidity and in this way makes allows very good spreading of the forces from the keel and rigging. The inner molding liner with its perfect surface finish produces additional stowage space under the floors and makes for easier cleaning. Prevention of osmosis on hull with the use of a NPG gelcoat.

On Deck

The deck is produced by infusion for an optimum rigidity/ lightness ratio along with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, and has an inner moulding liner for a perfect finish.

All working and traffic areas have a 'diamond-point' nonslip surface.

Localized monolithic reinforcing areas are included under deck fittings (winches, tracks, chain-plates, cleats). To increase the boat's durability, Dufour's team of engineers have opted to minimize wooden structural inserts beneath deck fittings..

The Keel

For maximum life, keels undergo factory treatment before fitting (anti-corrosion and improved finish thanks to epoxy-based paint and coatings). The keel with a large sole-plate is fixed to the boat with a system of stainless backing-plate and nuts.

The (bulb) keel is in cast iron: 1.90 m. As an option, a long, mixed cast-iron/lead ballast keel with a draught of 2.25 m allows superior (stiff, close-winded) performance, whilst maintaining an acceptable draught, lowering the centre of gravity, and increasing the boat's stability.

Helm System:
  • 2 leather-sleeved stainless steering wheels, 1066 mm in diameter.
  • The steering wheels are easily controllable from a seated position on the helmsman's side bench seats.
  • Transmission system via chain and cranks connected to the rudder quadrant.
  • The rudder blade is semi-elliptical in shape - taking advantage of the latest research in hydrodynamics - and filled with very high density closed-cell epoxy foam to avoid any ingress of water.
  • The solid stainless rudder stock is mounted on selfaligning bearings for greater precision and lightness of the helm whatever the wind conditions.
  • Stainless steel emergency tille.
  • Access deck-plate for emergency tiller.
  • Self-draining cockpit, with floor in non-slip polyester.
  • Large size cockpit benches with teak trim.
  • Very convenient, safe cockpit coamings with winch areas in teak.
  • Large fixed cockpit table fitted with a teak tray and stainless fiddles with hinged leaves: easy movement and lots of seating around the table.
  • A cubby-hole behind helm console.
  • For keeping ropes tidy, the cockpit has a rope tub at the entrance to the companionway.
  • Sliding Plexiglass® companionway hatch.
  • Companionway sprayhood (3 brackets) in Dufour Yachts' colors built in to the coach-roof and fitted with leathercovered stainless handrails.
  • Navigation instrument location above companionway.
  • Gas cylinder locker. Cockpit lighting via dedicated spotlight built in under boom.
Sun Platform & Transom
  • Large teak covered aft sun platform.
  • Removable bathing ladder with teak steps
  • Removable ladder with teak steps for the gate doors.
  • Cockpit shower with hot and cold water.
  • Transom with hinged door to access the liferaft locker, with removable bathing

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Type: Sailing Boats
Shipyard: Dufour Yachts
Year built: N/A
Length: 15.1 meter
Beam: 4.8
Draft: 2.3
Double cabins: 4
Toilets: 3
Guests sleeping: 8
Cruising speed: N/A

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