Decision time and types of Yacht Charter: 
Before you make a decision which yacht to charter, you need to make sure you are aware of various options available. Bareboat, skippered, crewed or fully crewed yachts are available in all locations
You can also read the following article to help you make the best decision.

Bareboat yacht charter:
If you want to enjoy full independence, bareboat yacht charter is your choice. You need to have proper qualifications and experience to do so however. Please check with us before the booking and tell us about your next yacht charter requirements.

Skippered yacht charter:
Similar to bareboat charter, where you will simply hire a professional skipper to take care of the boat while you and your guests and family can relax fully. For flotillas click here.

Crewed yacht charter:
Crewed charter is for those who like to enjoy yachting without responsibilities. You do not have to take care of finding a safe berth for the boat or prepare a breakfast in the morning. You can also rely on the hostess to make general cleaning of the boat.

Fully Crewed yacht charter:
The ultimate in luxury, fully crewed charter is for those who like to enjoy yachting on distinguished yachts. The presence of several crew members including chef and optional gym instructor or au pair ensures complete relaxation during your holiday. The choice of luxury motor sailors, gullets or mega yachts, as well as custom built performance yachts is restricted, so let us know of your preferences now!

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