A2A Yachting offers yacht charter in Dubrovnik as well as neighbouring Elafiti Archipelago, town of Cavtat, Slano and National Park Mljet where the yacht may be required.

About Yacht charter in Dubrovnik - South Croatia - 

Dubrovnik is the absolute top yacht charter destination in the South Mediterranean.  This fabulous location is a must visit for all nautical enthusiasts who dream of independent yacht charter with an opportunity to visit the best of what Croatia has to offer.  Sailing from the local ACI Marina in Komolac under the lovely Dr Tudjman Bridge and further South towards the city walls is an exhilarating experience. The view of the old harbour with all the beauty of the inner city with its picturesque buildings is a post card view of the best kind and one that is not to be missed. 

When to sail:
For sailing and motor yacht charters, the best season is during June, July and September.  During these months you can enjoy all the best of what the region has to offer with the greatest number of cultural and tourist events scheduled during August.  Apart from fabulous sailing itineraries towards Elafiti and National Park Mljet, access to Montenegro is also possible. April, May and October are best times for real sailing enthusiasts who will appreciate more constant winds and challenging sailing conditions, while the other months of the year are best spent in numerous luxury villas, hotels or spas in the region and using day charter boats for obligatory inspection of local properties and top restaurants.  August being the peak of the season is best for those who wish to be seen and those after cultural aspects of tourism. It should be avoided by those seeking isolation, peace and tranquillity as well as stronger winds.

More about Dubrovnik:
Being a year-round destination, Dubrovnik has a lot to offer at any time of the year. This fact is confirmed by the record number of visitors coming to the city for vacation or business meetings, public or church holidays, or to celebrate an important date. Luxury yacht charter is in particular popular and availability of gulets, luxury motor yachts or  sailing vessels is great.  Mega yachts or custom built sailing yachts visit the area according to various schedules thus you are best to enquire about such boats well in advance to avoid disappointment of not having the boat you require.

How to get here: 
In addition to the very good road connections to nearby Dubrovnik ''Cilipi'' Airport, which is located around 40min South from the city itself, Dubrovnik can also be easily reached from the airports of Tivat in Montenegro (2h transfer) and Split (4-5h transfer).

Events in Dubrovnik: 

The Festival of St Blaise  - Dubrovnik's patron saint. The event includes a number of ceremonies in relation to its protector.  The day is also considered the dayof City of Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik Carnival is a four-day annual event which takes place in mid February since XIV century.  Various fun festivities take place, including a masked parade!

The annual Libertas Film Festival showcases international and Croatian films and also features European premieres of certain films. It is designed to start after the famous Cannes Film Festival ends.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival is the best known event.  It usually starts around mid-July and finishes by the end of August. This fabulous Festival includes theatre, opera, music and dance events at various open-air venues across  the city.  61st Festival is due in 2010.

Le Petit Festival du Theatre takes place all around the city with the City Theatre being the main venue. It is another annual gathering of the best of what Theatre has to offer.

Another of the world's best known Dubrovnik events is the traditional Julian Rachlin & Friends festival of chamber music.  It features world-renowned musicians led by Austrian violinist Julian Rachlin. The festival originally started in the year 2000, it now features a series of concerts each year around some of the best known landmarks, mainly around Stradun area..