Where and when to go for your next yacht charter ?

Choosing the right yacht charter location and charter yacht can be a very simple process for those who know what they want. 
For those who don't, this can be a complicated issue which cannot be resolved even on the day of travel, let alone months or a full year in advance.
We can therefore suggest the following:

If you know what you want when considering your next yachtcharter holiday?

If you are one of those who know what is needed, simply let us know of the period and duration you wish to charter a specific boat in a desired location and we will send you a detailed quote very shortly afterwards.  It is best if you briefly explain your requirements in an email, stating exact type of boat and location as well as preferred number of double or en-suite cabins and any equipment you may need. For example, 3 cabin yacht in Croatia is not a good specification.  Oceanis 40 with 3 cabins and 2 toilets, in Dubrovnik/Croatia from 15-22nd July is a good specification which will enable us to offer you the best deals and best prices.

You don't know what you want for your next yacht charter cruise ?

In this case, it is best to give us a call and discuss your general preferences and expectations with one of our qualified advisors.  We can then understand your expectations fully and advise appropriately.  The phone number is displayed above.

You know the location, but not sure about the boat or type of yacht charter ?

In case you know where and when you will go, but are unsure how far can you budget take you of what you can get for it, the best way forward is to let us know of the number of people travelling and the exact period you need a yacht.  We can then advise appropriately and based on your budget suggest best alternatives. We offer yacht charter worldwide and yachts are available In most of the marinas listed here.

Mediterranean Yacht Charter

Mediterranean is definitely the most popular sailing and holiday destination in the world. Millions and millions flock here every year and months of July and August are in particular busy.

Caribbean Yacht Charter

Paradise on earth, best cruising ground, perfect location and so on. These are regular comments by those who return from the region of fascinating history, plantations, natural beauty and lovely cruising grounds.

Yacht Charter in Indian Ocean

After Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Indian Ocean represents the biggest water surface on the planet.

Atlantic Ocean Yacht Charter

Caribbean locations in the Windward and Leeward islands are inevitably the most popular. Increasing number of sailors visit Brasil and Cape Verde, while Canaries have always been an established charter location.

Yachting in Pacific Ocean

Pacific ocean encompasses a third of the Earth's surface, having an area of 179.7 million square kilometres (69.4 million sq mi and 161 million cubic mi) —significantly larger than Earth's entire landmass, with room for another Africa to spare.

Yacht Charter in Baltic Sea

Baltic Sea as a whole is a very unique and diverse yacht charter location. The best time to explore the region is July or August when the water temperatures are warm enough for swimming.