About Us

A2A YACHTING is a fully independent yacht charter agency based in Birmingham, UK.  
We offer our clients access to charter yachts across the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, as well as Indian Ocean, French Polynesia, Baltic Sea, Antarctica, Australasia, and Atlantic locations such as the Azores, Brasil, Cape Verde and Canaries.  The yachts are managed by professional yacht management companies on behalf of their ultimate owners.  Such companies include De Valk, Ecker, Kiriacoulis, and others.

We can provide you with a fully professional advice and independent mediation in terms of your yacht charter booking and any type of luxury crewed sailing vacation.  We do not promote any company as such, but are solely committed to get the best deal and greatest value for money to the client, creating a long term relationship with the crew as we aim to either meet you during your charter or invite you to one of our events too.

We arrange a desired charter yacht in a suitable sailing destination during a period you are on your holiday.  We organise transfers when required and provide assistance with flight bookings if required. We do not offer package holidays or flight arrangements as part of our offering.

Please contact us for more information at your own leisure.